Lamella Plate Clarifiers

Our range of lamella plate clarifier is accurately designed to eradicate suspended solids and high turbidity from water. These systems are available with flocculation tank, clarifier such as Lamella type, tube settler or convectional clarifier.


  • Ash / Scrubber Waste Treatment.
  • Brine Clarification.
  • Clarification of Water.
  • Coal and other Mineral Separation.
  • Filter Backwash Water Recovery.
  • Food and Dairy Processing and Waste Water.
  • Iron Removal.
  • Methyl Hydroxide Separation.


  • Flow entry - The flow enters from both sides of the plate. Distribution and entry velocities are minimum to optimize the hydraulic flow regime, resulting in full plate utilization, maximum efficiency and better effluent quality.
  • Weir take-off - A weir launder provides an effective weir length. The weir has orifices on either side of each plate.
  • Removable plates - Individual plates are easily removable even during operation, making the unit very simple to maintain. The design offers flexibility to handle changes in influent characteristics.
  • Hopper Arrangement - Several options are available for sludge storage. The standard arrangement is a hopper bottom with a structural support frame. A second option is to mount the lamella clarifier on top of a thickener in order to achieve a higher solids concentration, while providing a large sludge volume.