Physio Chemical Treatment

Physio Chemical Treatment

The physico chemical treatment plant (Herein refer to as PCT) is capable of handling all types of inorganic waste such as acids, alkalis, oxidizers and etc. It is also able to handle wastes with high total dissolved solid content through the use of a proprietary treatment process. The PCT is operated with an “Intelligent Monitoring Control System (IMCS)” to minimize the potential hazards that the employees are exposed to during the course of their work. Veolia employs many treatment methods to process the hazardous waste received, for example acid/alkali neutralization, oxidation/reduction reactions and precipitation. These methods allow the treatment of contaminated acids and alkalis, oily emulsion solutions, various wastewaters and spent plating solutions. All waste effluent discharges and filtered press sludges are tested periodically by the technical department and in-house Chemists to ensure all waste are treated in a safe and cost effective manner

Along with our range of high quality products and services, we also offer in the market our range of Physio Chemical Treatments which we manufacture, supply and provide service. These physio chemical treatments involve the use of chemical to effectively separate impurities found on the water. We offer high quality coagulants and flocculants which are widely used for removing very fine particles as these help them stabilize and eventually be remove in the water through the along the cycle of treatment process.


  • Provide better removal of suspended solid particles in the water
  • Effective in removing microorganisms in water
  • Very easy to implement
  • Highly reliable