Effluent treatment systems are widely used for recycling of wastewater in industries in order to reduce the demand of water. This type of system uses physical, chemical, biological and membrane processes for treating the effluents before being discharged into the water. The effluent system is provided with all the requisite features that assist in achieving zerodischarge standards laid by statutory authority.


Raw effluent is passed through Screening and Grit chamber for removal of floatable matter and sand, grit, stones.

After this, the effluent is passed through Oil & grease trap where floatable oil and grease is removed from raw effluent.Then the effluent is treated through primary treatment that includes chemical treatment like coagulation, flocculation and neutralization

After primary treatment, the effluent is passed for secondary treatment that comprises of biological treatment for reduction of BOD/COD and solid-liquid separation. Finally the tertiary treatment in which sand and carbon filtration is done for removal of suspended solids and organic material

Technical specifications

  • Slurry Feed Characteristics
  • Flow rate: 1140m3/hr
  • Suspended matter: 6000ppm
  • pH: 45.-6.5
  • Temperature: 60-70 degree Celsius
  • The inlet channel is designed for a surge flow of 1950m3/ hr at the slope of 2% so that water flows at the rate of 1.5m/sec.
  • Two flash mixers are designed for a flow of 1140m3/ hr with a retention time of 60 sec.
  • Capacity of each sludge tank: 224m3

Application areas:

  • Paint shop
  • Diaries
  • Paper mills
  • Oil refineries
  • Leather industry
  • Glass factories
  • Chemical
  • Processing industries

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